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Hotel Casa Albets
Casa Albets s/n Lladurs Spain

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musts & facts
Casa Albets it’s an ecologic and vegan hotel that cares about the environment and their guests’ comfort. Surrounded by nature and with a rustic style.
La Bauma (family)
This room’s name honours the origins of the Albets family. According to a legend, told in the family for generations, when the first members of this family came from northern Europe to these lands, they had to take refuge in a rock shelter.
Romantic Les Fraus
This room’s name refers to one of the most impressive geological elements of the estate: a rock formation eroded by running water through thousands of years. The Albets gorges are exceptionally beautiful on rainy days, due to the sounds of water, running down the bright and colourful rocks: a real sensory experience.
Junior Suite Pi Gros
Settled in an impressive pine forest, this giant pine (Pinus Nigra) was saved from being cut down by the grandfather of the current owner, since it already was the tallest pine of the forest back then.
Double La Melosa
This room takes its name from a house named “La Melosa”, settled in the Albets woods, and nowadays uninhabited. The shape of its old fields can still be perceived in the landscape’s contours.
Double L'Hereu
In this room have slept and lived the heirs from the Albets family through centuries. This room is the one preserving its history the most, regarding both its original distribution and use.
Double Els Forns
This room takes its name from one of the most memorable places on the estate. We can still find nowadays near the house the lime kilns that were used to produce the lime used in the construction of the masia (country house).
Double La Font
This room’s name honours the fountain of the estate, which is known all over the region for never drying out, not even in periods of exceptional drought. This room preserves its original pavement, which is the oldest of all the first floor.
Services and Facilities
A modern, sophisticated and vegan cuisine. You will find original, healthy, well balanced and delicious dishes made with ecological and local ingredients.
Casa Albets s/n
25283 - Lladurs - Spain