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Hotel Sagarlore
Petritegi Bidea, 3 Astigarraga Spain

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musts & facts
Sagarlore ("Apple Blossom" in Basque) is an ecological country hotel that our family has created within a 16th century Astigarraga mansion. In the mansion’s refurbishment, great care was taken to preserve the building's most emblematic features, such as the impressive brick facade and a charming garden where enjoy tranquility and nature.
It boasts 16 light-filled rooms, equipped with complete bathroom, hairdryer, air conditioning, Smart TV, telephone and desk.
Services and Facilities
An authentic experience with a home-grown flavour. The products that make up this gastronomic offer are fresh, ecological and with the kilometer 0 hallmark. The food products are produced near the hotel by farmers and shepherds from the farms of Astigarraga and its surrounding area and are freshly prepared by the cook. Many of them carry organic production or Protected Designation of Origin certificates: cheeses, yoghurts, milk, honey, jams, apple juice, eggs, fruits and vegetables, among many others.
An outstanding feature of the garden is the towering presence of a 200-year-old oak tree (Quercus robur), a native species of Gipuzkoa, linked to the traditions and mythology of the Basque people since Antiquity. From the garden you can enjoy the beautiful view provided by a nearby apple orchard, whose trees have been grafted onto some of the best varieties of native apple cider.
Petritegi Bidea, 3
20115 - Astigarraga - Spain