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Hotel Da Vinci
25 Rue des Saints Pères París France

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musts & facts
This captivating and interesting hotel opened its doors in June 2014. Its original decor transports the guest on a journey to the very heart of the Renaissance, with the period's most iconic figure, Leonardo da Vinci, as its theme throughout.
Monna Lisa
A haven of peace and quiet with its private terrace overlooking the Hotel's patio, this is one of our most charming rooms.
The Médicis rooms pay homage to Da Vinci's fascinating and prosperous patrons, the Médicis family, who helped him become one of the most celebrated creatos of all time. Magnificent Venetian mirrors enhance the room's sublime interior, complimented by frescoes from one of his earliest works, "Madonna of the Carnation".
The Inventions rooms pays tribute to Leonardo da Vinci’s innovative genius. A supremely skilled draftsman, frescoes of his remarkable technical drawings are softly illuminated by our blown glass ochre lighting, produced exclusively in Venise.
At the head of the bed are frescoes depicting "The Battle of Anghiari", also known as Vinci's lost painting. The interior's warm color palette, reminiscient of those used in his most exalted paintings, is accentuated by the blown glass ochre lighting, produced exclusively in Venise.
The Renaissance rooms' interiors were largely inspired by the significant period of creativity in European history. The Venetian or pastel color palette set the mood for relaxation, while frescoes representing Da Vinci's major works adorn the walls, reflected by magnificent Venetian mirrors.
Del Adorador
On August 21, 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Louvre's most prized painting: La Gioconda, The Mona Lisa. A media sensation ensued and the thief found refuge from the police in this hotel room. After a few painting in tow. The Mona Lisa's mysterious disappearance would not be resolved for another two years.
Services and Facilities
The relaxing bath options
Make your experience even more memorable by including your senses. We offer a variety of therapeutic massages, beauty treatments and even fitness sessions, all provided by a team of professional massage therapists, estheticians and personal trainers. Unwind around a mosaic-lined, pool inspired by the tranquil colors of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The star-studded arch creates a perfect cocoon for ultimate relaxation; while the pool's counter-current system tones and encourage circulation.
Cafe Da Vinci
Although the café is a truly Parisian tradition, Café Da Vinci adds a further touch of refinement with its decoration, which is inspired by the oldest and most famous café in Venice, Caffè Florian.
25 Rue des Saints Pères
75006 - París - France