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La Casa del Presidente
Calle Los Telares, 1 Ávila Spain

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musts & facts
The President's House is more than a luxury hotel: it is a piece of History; the one our first, President, Adolfo Suárez, who built it and who lived in an intermittent between its walls for more than a decade. Located in the heart of Ávila, in the “Telares” street has direct access to the wall from its gardens and a relaxing pool to enjoy on warm days. The rooms are spacious, with large bathrooms with a view bathtub and a privileged panoramic view of the city.
Junior Suite
Services and Facilities
President's Office
If there is any place with special historical relevance in the house, is this Office. The Office preserves a large bookstore from the time of Suarez with a small secret door designed to facilitate his escape in case of emergency.
El Porche
The Porch is the perfect stay for those who are looking for a necessary moment of peace and intimacy. We invite you to contemplate the centuries-old wall of Ávila from the garden; to picnic outdoors with a cup of hot coffee and a homemade cake; to inspire you with a good wine, why not, to share a drink in good company.
In the breakfast you will find local and natural products such as the bread from La Tahona del Sotillo, cheeses, yoghurts made in the region and a variety of products.
Calle Los Telares, 1
05001 - Ávila - Spain