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“Mens sana in corpore sano”, For those who are passionate about well-being, we offer a wide range of hotels with Spas and Wellness spaces. Paradises where you can enjoy an exclusive stay and treat yourself with personalised treatments to pamper yourself as you deserve.
Natural environment
Immerse yourself in the heart of nature. Nestled in idyllic spots and surrounded by the peaceful countryside, these buildings, often traditional and taking the form of farmhouses, granges, country houses or inns, are an authentic tribute to the values of tradition and offer a luxurious ride back into the past.
We would also highlight our range of establishments situated in the midst of wineries, vineyards and awarded the designation of origin quality label. Hotels where guests can experience the wine culture with all five senses alert.
These accommodations, located in large cities or medium-sized towns, where the range and variety of leisure and services available, such as shops, bars, restaurants, theatres, museums, parks, etc. allow guests to visit and enjoy these areas and their surroundings at any given time.
Food lovers can enjoy their own culinary paradise at any of our gourmet hotels. Enjoy the best traditional recipes, local seasonal specialties or the most innovative signature dishes, always made with top quality products for your culinary delight.
Historical buildings
Discover the pleasure of staying in a building with real history behind it: ancient castles, palaces and monasteries, all impregnated with past lives and experiences and now restored thanks to the tireless work of their owners, who have fitted them with every comfort imaginable to make them a genuine hotel Paradise.